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Work prior inspection

The panels under the engine compartment were rusty but after grinding, acid bath, painting and spraying the protective coating they looked better. The power steering seems to leak some fluid near steering rack. Have to find out if I get the situation better.

The front grill was totally in pieces. Using a iece of aluminum sheet, I made it to hold together and after painting, the repair was almost invisible. Should source a new grill, though...

As with the tail lights, the front lights were have also been equipped with screws prone to rust, a long time ago. They can be replaced with stainless steel ones, though, when getting rid of the old plastic inserts.

Some interior parts were washed. Laundry drier worked well for those, too.

Everything inside the engine compartment have finally started to find their places. There is no more separate reservoir for the windshield washer, the system has been merged with head lamp washer reservoir. Probably this car will not be used any more in very dirty conditions.

A picture below was taken in Seinšjoki, the city where the car was inspected. The work will still continue with interior and other parts. This wont ever be totally finished, will it?

Last update: 28.04.2015
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